Insight Software Solutions for VoC, VoE & Market Research Programs

Confirmit's industry leading insight software and services help businesses listen to customers, markets and employees, analyze data and take action to drive business growth. So easy, yet so powerful.

Whether you are a customer experience professional or a market researcher, you need an engaging research solution that facilitates multi-channel feedback from a variety of sources and ways to collect, analyze, and react to customer, market, and employee feedback. Watch our video below and see how Confirmit can help you
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Voice of the Customer
Voice of the Customer programs ave become an established path to delivering enhanced customer experiences, engaging employees, and driving business change. Our insight software allows you to harness the Voice of the Customer to drive that change and deliver real Return on Investment (ROI). As it becomes harder to differentiate your business through product offerings and price, the customer experience has emerged as the battleground that deserves your focus.
Market Research
Confirmit's research platform provides all that Market Research agencies and in-house research teams need to offer efficient end-to-end service to customers. Our market research software streamlines internal processes to improve efficiency and cost-savings.
Voice of the Employee
An engaged workforce is the heart of an effective, successful organization. Our insight platform allows companies to collect valuable data to improve employee engagement by listening to the Voice of the Employee, to lower staff turnover, reduce costs, and a create a strong corporate culture.
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