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At Curion, we provide world-class insights. From quantitative to qualitative product research, we apply proven industry-leading, innovative methods to service over 65% of Global 100 companies. As a full-service product and sensory insights firm, we work with our clients to determine not only what products consumers like but why they are liked and how to make optimizations. As a result, our clients mitigate risk of marketplace failure by ensuring that only products of quality and character will be introduced to the market, providing repeatable delight to their consumers. We accomplish this with our expert employees, sensory processes, fully-equipped facilities and data insights. In 2018 alone, we tested 97,000 consumers across our San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and New York metropolitan-area facilities. The result of a merger between Q Research Solutions and Tragon Corp., our company brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the consumer and sensory science industries and pioneered many of the sensory methodologies considered industry standards today, including Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA)® and Partnership Solutions™.

eFive™ – Quick, reliable and more affordable insights for both emerging brands and global CPGs. The ideal solution for whitespace concepts and to integrate seamlessly with agile product development processes.

S2P™: Sensory Packaging Preference – Curion’s deep expertise in product research means we view product and packaging holistically as parts of the consumer experience. By understanding features that are important to maximizing liking, product, packaging and positioning are evaluated to reinforce each other.

Life Labs ™ - Curion gets your consumers out of the booth and into life. Our approach captures your consumer in the moment, with the control and detail you are used to in typical booth testing. Context is everything.


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