Customer Lifecycle, LLC


Customer Lifecycle, LLC is a global research based consultancy that works with clients to get more value and better business results from research through significantly improved coordination, deployment and integration of research findings and customer requirements into the day-to-day management and operations of the organization.

Each stage in the customer lifecycle acquisition, service, growth, retention has its own unique challenges and solutions to address specific business issues. Customer Lifecycle helps both B2B and B2C companies plan and conduct primary research to accurately identify and measure customer requirements for satisfaction, loyalty and retention at every stage of the relationship and to deploy and integrate customer requirements for performance into the processes and internal performance metrics of the organization.

We help companies avoid costly mistakes by focusing on thorough front-end planning, appropriate support for research execution, and especially in-depth deployment consulting and implementation at the back end. This ensures that the results are effectively owned and used by key functional areas, regardless of who conducts the research. We can work with agencies of the client or, if desired, actually conduct the study. Outcomes are rigorous and balanced customer-focused performance metrics, improved financial results, and a superior total customer experience.

Additional information and in-depth case studies can be found on our web site.


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  • Advanced analytics
  • Multivariate statistics & models