Cypher Translation Services LLC


Cypher is an immigrant-owned language service provider based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with an office in the Minneapolis - Saint Paul, Minnesota metropolitan area. 

Cypher has the capacity to secure linguists in over 150 languages and dialects. Our translation services know no boundaries. Our agency works across industries including marketing research, healthcare, legal and with local and national non-profits. Whether your project is large or small, we guarantee the highest standards of excellence and quality. 

Our certified translators are based nationally and internationally, and each language professional has an industry focus that we consider when selecting a linguist for your project. 

We uphold quality by ensuring that every project – no matter the size or scope – is translated by a certified translator and edited by a separate linguist to ensure the highest quality product.

Getting a translation or transcription quote is simple, and our fees are competitive.


PO Box 46134
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
United States of America