Dixon|James - Growth Communications to Excelerate Business Success


Dixon|James Communications is a Chicago-based independent marketing communications and change management firm that delivers "growth communications” to eXcelerate your business success.
Focusing on small to mid-sized businesses, we bring a collaborative, results-oriented approach and decades of experience in all aspects of marketing communications, including branding and rebranding, change management, public relations and social media, digital marketing, advertising, website development and graphic design. We focus on supporting business transformation that eXcelerates your growth.
This may include:
  •  Boosting sales, generating new leads  and customers
  •  Better differentiating your brand
  • Creating actionable awareness and engagement with customers and influencers
  • Engaging employees behind business transformation
  • Expanding markets and introducing new products

We strategize the correct complement of marketing communications services that work together to support your business strategies and best achieve your goals.

Visit our website: www.dixon-james.com

Looking to rebrand your organization of product?
Rebranding your business or organization should be considered a strategic growth accelerator, to create a more forward-facing organization able to grasp new opportunities. If your brand no longer serves its purpose, presents an outdated or an incorrect image for your organization, then our sister firm Rebranding Experts is the rebranding expert for you. Visit our Rebranding Blog to learn more.


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