E3 Local


E3 Local plans and delivers promotional campaigns for marketing teams challenged with immediate need in multiple markets. Specializing in print, broadcast and digital solutions, we focus on smart aggregation of effective products and providing a strategic resource to target and version the message to the local market. Our campaigns are designed to immediately effect the sales, profit and productivity of our advertisers. E3 Local believes "If we do something good for you today, you'll call us back tomorrowand if we don't, you shouldn't." This progressive approach to local marketing is unique in the ad services category and central to our mission and promise.

The bottom line: What works in Pleasantville won't work in Metropolis. Local marketing success has little to do with big ideas and everything to do with good decision making and adjusting tactics to the needs of the local market. E3 Local offers a wide range of solutions and an ability to help marketing leadership give local markets the attention they need. Market better. Today.


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