At FocusVision, we are in the business of Customer Truth™, looking beyond the voice of the customer to understand their hearts and mind to understand how they think, feel and act.

We believe that a customer’s truth is the most powerful element that can be used by all business leaders to authentically understand, engage and connect with their customer. It provides the perspective of why they do what they do based on interacting with them holistically. Customer Truth™ is what connects a brand’s story with their customer’s story. This is what we enable our clients to do every day.

With our comprehensive suite of experience insights software solutions including advanced survey, online interview and focus group, and online qualitative research community solutions, FocusVision is the only insights technology company that can bring you close enough to your customer to have a full understanding of how they think, feel, and act.

In addition to leading software solutions, our award-winning global support team continues to break-ground and empower brands to gather, analyze and securely share insights.

How we help:

Customer: Voice of the Customer programs, customer journey mapping and assessment, test online user experience

Brand: Test brand health, Net Promotor Scores, segment and target, test campaigns and messaging, post-event feedback

Product: Map the market, test product and marketing concepts, test packaging and pricing

Employees: Ask for employee feedback, send pulse surveys, 360-degree reviews


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