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Blending Psychology and Marketing Research using Specially Developed Techniques

Located in Sherman Oaks, California, I moderate focus groups both locally and nationally. I am a Qualitative Research Consultant as well, recommending the design that I feel would be best for your research needs. When requested, I also conduct ONLINE focus groups with WebcaMississippi, thereby saving travel costs.

Analytical Reports can be provided as an option, should you desire additional depth. Speaking of depth, my one-on-one interviews really get at the heart of the matter, going far beyond surface responses.

My style is quite unique--developed and honed over the years. My philosophy and method of conducting focus groups is what makes the Frieden difference. Respondents are never bored and in fact look forward to contributing useful information! As a result, clients are often on the edge of their seats while viewing the sessions, anxious to see what geMississippi are "mined" next. This special style should help your company to realize your goals.

Importantly, my work is built on relationships that I build over time with my clients. Relationships are what it is all about. I want you to succeed, and I will work my hardest to ensure that result. Client service is key to building those relationships--being approachable, being there for you when needed. Taking those extra steps to make the difference between a good project and a great one. This is the magic ingredient upon which I pride myself--and from which your company will benefit.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Example of Gary Frieden keeping a focus group engaged


"Those who use qualitative research well, know that the secret to such work is the ability to unlock the human mind and discern the underlying marketing truths that are so often hidden. Dr. Frieden is without parallel in his ability to interact with any group and lead them to the revelation of those truths. Dr. Frieden is my path to real consumer insight."
Terence Rooke, The Rooke Group
Formerly Executive VP, Strategic Planning & Research, BBDO South

“Whenever we need to conduct qualitative research, Gary is the first one we think of. His high-energy moderating style ensures that all respondents stay engaged to the last. And, he’s a very smart guy who gets marketing, which makes for very actionable research reports and which saves a lot of valuable time and money on those occasions when one has to make a course correction in the middle of a focus group.”
Brad Haley, Executive VP Marketing
Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Restaurants

"The real magic Gary brings is his ability to connect both with his respondents and clients. His relaxed, yet strategic approach charms even the most difficult folks in the front or back room, giving him the power to flush out insights and convincingly connect them to the issues at hand."
Carl Heller, Senior Vice President / Brand Planner DONER

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