Gongos, Inc.


What We Solve For

From product innovation to portfolio management, customer experience to consumer journeys, pricing strategies to marketing optimization, and trend analysis to predictive modeling, Gongos builds a laser-sharp consumer orientation across organizations to create greater customer attraction, retention, and lifetime value.

Partnering with insights and analytics, strategy and innovation, and customer experience groups, Gongos serves as a translator to help cross-functional teams gain and apply consumer wisdom, transform decisions into action, and navigate organizational change. Coalescing enterprise data with primary research and curating insights for multiple audiences ensures information is designed to influence actions and behaviors from executives to the frontline.

How We Do It

Fusing our multidisciplinary practice areas with yours, we move organizations across two dimensions of customer centricity:

Knowledge + Understanding

  • Consumer Insights – Our custom approaches to primary research bring the whole human perspective into play, exploring all that influences their decision making.
  • Knowledge Synthesis – We uncover knowledge gaps in existing information by integrating, contextualizing, and repackaging insights for broader consumption.
  • Data Analytics + Visualization – Our analytics team unlocks the potential of new and existing data streams using a problem-solving mindset focused on your business objectives.
  • Information Design + Immersion – We use whatever medium it takes to illuminate understanding. From humanizing the customer to creating communication assets, we craft information to resonate with all who need to act on it.

Planning + Activation

  • Human-Centered Innovation – By helping you adopt a design-thinking mindset, we bring the consumer front and center, driving meaningful innovation throughout the organization.
  • Customer Experience We shape experiences by ensuring internal programs, business objectives, and employee behaviors are in lockstep.
  • Workshops + Implementation – Our teams get your cross-functional teams in the same room and on the same page to align, prioritize, and plan for activating on customer strategies.
  • Change Management We help ensure your organization is set up to successfully navigate transformational journeys large and small, from the vision to sustaining the change.


150 W. 2nd Street, Suite 300
Royal Oak, Michigan 48067
United States of America

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