InnovateMR is a fiercely independent sampling company. Our ingenuity, reliability, and agile approach to sampling deliver Faster Answers™. We find ways for quicker turnarounds and for sourcing the hard-to-reach audiences. Our panel quality builds trust and confidence with our clients. Our speed in launching projects and our sampling platform efficiency translate into lower costs and quicker decision making.

Innovate has a rich history of building specialty global panels that scale to the needs of market research companies and their studies. Innovate does research in more than 90 countries, using the native language and colloquialisms for each country to ensure relevancy and language importance. Our commitment to quality means extensive screening and validation, with profiling across a wide variety of data points specific to location and niche.

It’s this global reach and commitment to quality that allows us to source panel for niche audiences specific to the needs of market research clients, including B2B, medical, parenting, gaming, and more.

We use a dynamic profiling system that captures and localizes thousands of data points.

Using our advanced digital fingerprint solution, we know where our respondents are located based on geo-data and IP address. Pairing profile information with location data ensures location and language accuracy in sample.

We employ a multipronged approach to quality with over thirty technological checks designed to test authenticity.

Our commitment to the four T’s of market research — transparency, technology, traffic, and trust — mean we are consistently working to strengthen quality controls while expanding our global reach, ensuring exceptional sample for your research needs.


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United States of America

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