INOVIS supports decision-making, implementation and execution , leveraging world-class CI and marketing expertise through experienced senior industry leaders who advance strategic thinking and nurture company and brand strategies.

"Competitive Insight" is more than just filling in the blanks

Key to INOVIS' decades-long success has been the ability to

  • Identify knowledge gaps, balancing reactive and proactive needs of our clients
  • Select and develop the right tools for addressing critical areas
  • Provide cross-functional stakeholders tangible and actionable insight that drives strategy forward

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Digging deep into your competitors' activities is our speciality. INOVIS' wide range of offerings includes

  • comprehensive competitor investigations
  • pre-sales account intelligence (IT/telco)
  • market intelligence
  • due diligence investigations
  • new product concept development


INOVIS keeps a close eye on the competition over the long-term. Example services include

  • competitive tracking service
  • trade show and conference intelligence
  • competitive benchmarking
  • win / loss account analysis and tracking (IT/telco)


INOVIS facilitates a wide and diverse range of topics and areas for their clients, ensuring there is a good balance of critical appraisal, addressing areas of uncertainty and determining alignment at a cross-functional level.

  • competitor simulation workshops
  • filing & launch assumptions (life sciences)
  • objection handling & roleplays


INOVIS works with clients to deliver training programs and solutions that upskill employees in identifying & protecting their organizations from potential externally-driven intelligence activities. Additionally, INOVIS ensures staff are aware of the risks in indirectly disclosing proprietary information when engaging with the external environment, maintaining proprietary information within the organization.

  • counter intelligence assessment
  • counter intelligence training


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