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A Culture of Quality

Since September of 1982 we have been at the forefront of high quality data collection. Our diverse offerings include telephone, online, and face-to-face data collection, telephone and online survey programming, IVR, data processing, and telephone and online sampling services.

While we are proud of our long history of quality and success, it is our passion for innovation and new ideas that keeps us at the leading-edge. Combining our deep research experience with the latest technology and forward-thinking approaches, ISA provides a positive client experience and high-quality deliverables each and every time.


Data Collection

Since 1982, ISA has been a premier data collection. management and processing provider specializing in CATI, Online, IVR, in-person, focus groups, programming and hosting.


Multicultural Expertise

ISA is a three time recipient of the Asian American Advertising Federation’s “Researcher of the Year” award. We’ve completed projects in 67 languages, to date.


Online Sampling/Research

SoapBox Sample, ISA’s online sample division allows panel members to get on their soapbox and give their opinions to your surveys.


Why Choose Us

  • Our singular mission is to deliver high-quality data according to the ethical and methodological standards of the many research organizations we belong to. It’s our guiding principle as we drive our business forward and meet new challenges.
  • We ingrain our focus on quality in each and every employee and operationalize quality through key performance metrics. We understand that your data must be collected and processed to the highest standards in the industry.
  • Our training and performance metrics reflect our commitment to our clients’ needs. ISA succeeds in our mission by continually investing in state-of-the-art systems, providing the most rigorous orientation and training program in the industry, and communicating our emphasis on quality from the top down.
  • Our management team communicates our vision and message to all employees, but more than that they follow-through with ongoing investments in training, measurement and systems.


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