Quick and Easy

  • Be your own designer using new or existing brand assets to create high-quality emails, newsletters, brochures, blogs, presentations, marketing and social campaigns in a snap.
  • Zero learning curve lets you create on the fly using intuitive UI, workflows and visual story templates.
  • Source and upload content from your desktop, company Digital Asset Management (DAM) system,, Google Drive or DropBox accounts - or import files from familiar tools like Adobe InDesignR, Canva™.

Uncompromising quality

  • Deliver high-quality, eye-catching campaigns by transforming PDFs, marketing materials, presentations, videos, communications, and publications into high-quality, visual flipbooks, stories, and dynamic mobile content.
  • Wow your audience regardless of device or channel with elegant image takeovers, text animations, and transition effects.
  • Embed visual flipbooks, brochures, catalogs, and more directly on your website or send via email and social.
  • Keep the social posts flowing by converting multi-page documents into short visual stories or mobile articles a few clicks.

Instantaneous Reach

  • Reach audiences via print, web, email, social, or other channels regardless of desktop, tablet, or device.
  • Eliminate all time-intensive formatting and conversion complexities - convert once and deliver beautiful social experiences everywhere.
  • Increase your social presence and ranking with automatic creation of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, (AMP) - unique Issuu innovation to optimize mobile stories for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

Maximize Results

  • View useful statistics and reports to measure the success of content, campaigns, publications, and projects.
  • Increase traffic with embedded content in your websites.
  • Drive faster e-commerce purchases by embedding and tracking dynamic shopping links within catalogs, advertorials, blogs.
  • Monetize content as paid issue or subscription, while tapping into millions of viewers on Issuu’s reader platform.

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