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Business First. Media Always. Powered by Data Truths.


Who We Are

Kelly Scott Madison is a media marketing agency built to drive change.

Here’s what guides us:

Client First.

Clients are at the heart of everything we do—we believe in our combined relationship ROI. Your business comes first, not a holding company’s bottom line (because we don’t answer to one). We’re one team with you and our partners, so we’re serious when we say that your success is also ours.

Quality Obsessed.

The media marketplace is saturated with data noise and dumb data. It’s starved of quality data with meaningful analysis. At KSM, that’s not the case. We transform quality data into actionable media strategies, agile optimization, and tangible performance management. Our agency is built to obsessively deliver quality personal connections that form lasting relationships with your brand’s customers.

Challenge Hungry.

We love helping brands blow away people’s expectations—surprise and delight is part of our nature. It’s why we’re always hungry to solve the next marketing challenge and find the moments of consumer engagement that drive results. After all, overcoming these challenges makes your business, and ours, better.


Our Approach

Powerful Truths.
Truths are powerful combinations of evidence-based conclusions and human insights. At KSM, we uncover truths through a relentless focus on data quality and meaning—not just data quantity. These truths fuel differentiating strategies and connect people with your brand in remarkable ways. That’s how we accelerate your business, for today and tomorrow.

Emotional Connections.

We draw people to your brand by activating the power of emotional connectivity. By infusing data insights with uncommon ideas, we build meaningful relationships between you and your target audience that last. Our media marketing team won’t stop until we’ve found the best way to engage your audience personally and at scale. Why? Because cultivating brand equity in today’s media ecosystem demands marketing strategies that create real connections.


Our Solutions

We don’t just offer services. We provide solutions that deliver real business impact, tailored to your needs. Inherent in our approach is integration: each part of the process informs the rest, and is driven by your specific KPIs. Our brand transformation framework includes:

  • Business Intel & Leadership
  • Media Solutions
  • Strategic Investments
  • Analytics & Outcomes
  • Data & Tech
  • Insight & Ideas


KSM loves getting to know new brands and finding ways for us to grow together. Reach out, and share your goals—We’ve got this.



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