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Since 1984, L&E connects clients with their customers to create conversations that help our clients make better decisions. We have over 1 million US nationwide panelists that include consumers, patients, physicians, IT professionals and small business owners...all highly engaged and pre-qualified specifically for qualitative research. And when our panel can't deliver your recruiting needs, we employ digital marketers and hundreds of investigative Recruiters to find even the toughest of research participants. L&E has recruited millions of research participants for virtually every type of market research project. Online qualitative solutions, proprietary project management tools to manage your own work, and high level service teams if you just want us to take care of everything...learn more about our no-risk guarantee and why more than 9 out of 10 clients highly recommend us to others!

Products and Services

  • Recruitment services for qualitative, UX/CX and clinical trial research
  • Full service research design solutions and project management
  • SOC 2 secure online platform for self-serve project management and recruitment
  • Platform integration with a host of online communication tools, including Zoom and various proprietary online qualitative solutions

Focus group facilities throughout the US



HQ- 5505 Creedmoor Road
Suite 200
Raleigh, North Carolina 27612
United States of America

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