M/A/R/C Research


M/A/R/C Research is a brand development firm dedicated to helping our clients create, and strengthen their brands. Our teams design and execute qualitative and quantitative, traditional and online solutions while adhering to a client-services ethic built on being easy to work with and delivering what is promised. Our core competency is measuring attitudes and behaviors to accurately explain and predict market share, revenue and bottom line impact of a clients actions. M/A/R/C has been successfully designing, executing and analyzing studies to help clients across a range of industries since 1965. We deliver research answers with a business perspective in the language of decision-makers. We help our clients address consumer, channel and B2B marketing issues to launch better products and services, attract and retain valuable customers, and build stronger brands. Our continuum of proven, marketing-issue focused solutions support clients brand building efforts.

2nd Location:

202 CentrePort Drive, Suite 300
Greensboro, NC 27409
Phone: 800-884-6272
Fax: 972-983-0444
Contact: Merrill Dubrow




7850 N. Beltline Rd
Irving, Texas 75063
United States of America

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