MarketSight - Easy and powerful data analysis and visualization software for researchers and data analysts

MarketSight is dedicated to providing powerful and intuitive software solutions for Market Researchers. Our mission is to provide easy-to-use tools that enable researchers and analysts to focus on finding and presenting critical new insights about their business. As we strive to better understand and meet the needs of our customers, several underlying principles guide our work:

We believe software should be easy to learn and easy to use, making you more productive right from the start.

We believe in letting the technology do the heavy lifting – like automatically applying the correct statistical tests and automatically generating new variables, reports, and analyses to help you focus on finding the story within the data.

We build only web-based applications, based on proven and secure commercial technologies, because we believe you should always have instant access to all the latest product features and you shouldn’t need to install or update software to get them.

We know from experience that analysis is only half the battle – presenting your results to colleagues and clients is a key part of the Market Researcher’s job and we make it easier than ever before to share your results online and offline.

We know researchers use a variety of tools to get their jobs done, so we make it easy to move data between MarketSight and other applications such as PowerPoint®, Excel®, PDF, SPSS® and SAS®.



MarketSight delivers an outstanding value for companies of all sizes.
MarketSight is available for individual users and for workgroups of any size. 
For details on the MarketSight Edition that meets your needs, read the summary of each Edition below or download the Quick Guide to Pricing & Features (PDF).

We think it’s important to try products before you buy them, so we make the process for trying MarketSight simple and risk-free.

To learn more about MarketSight and how we deliver on these principles, view our demo, sign up for a free trial or read customer success stories.




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