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NameQuest is the first and most experienced company dedicated solely to verbal brand name development and research worldwide.

The NameQuest Verbal DNA methodology is the most advanced and validated process of brand name development and research for products, services and companies worldwide.

NameQuest’s methodology will add value to your proposition and advance your initiative's success potential. The world’s leading brand marketers from Abbott to Ziploc have partnered with NameQuest to develop and research brand names for their successful new products. NameQuest is a five-time winner of the prestigious AMA Edison Award for best new product branding.

"The goal of effective brand naming is to choose a product name that reflects and fits the customer’s needs so precisely that the name sells the product.” – John P. Hoeppner, President, NameQuest Inc. | Affiliate Offices Worldwide | Leadership and innovation since 1984.

Name Development and Name Research


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