Precision Research


Marketing Research experts with decades of experience. We provide both full-service research consulting and stand-alone data collection services. We are skilled in food testing, focus groups, IDI’s, B2B research and online surveys. Call for write for a free consultation.

Nationwide Recruiting In-house:

  • True B2B recruiting specialists. We are hunters. We don't simply rely on what is in our database for recruiting.
  • Our advanced consumer recruiting process yields richer results and nationwide capabilities. Our proprietary panel which prevents cheaters, and affordably identifies low incidence respondents. Recruiting is audio recorded and validated to ensure accuracy.

Our unique Chicago research center features:

  • Auto showroom for up to 4 cars,
  • Commercial Test Kitchen
  • Seating for 75 person studies
  • Space for large displays like appliances, shopping isles, medical beds, x-ray equipment.


999 E. Touhy Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60018
United States of America