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Originally founded as Ramius Corporation in 1998 in Ottawa, Canada, Recollective’s driving purpose has always been the same: developing cloud-based social software to help people engage and share.
Recollective makes it easy for researchers to conduct online qualitative research anywhere in the world. With a comprehensive suite of features for qual and quant data gathering, moderation and analysis, you can be online and in-field within a day.
Tailor your research
Craft your research to address different segments of participants using asynchronous activities or discussions, real-time chat and live video interviews. Define sequences, logic conditions and connect to other research tools.
Gather Insights
Combine qualitative responses using open-ended text, photo and video uploads, image and video markup with quantitative data from card sorting and ranking tasks, fill the blanks with scale and allocation questions, single or multiple choice polls, grids and more.
Moderate and socialize
Socialize responses to any activities. Ask open or private probing questions on the responses received and use @mentions to encourage deeper group discussion. Adapt by adding new activities at any time as your research unfolds.
Manage Participants
Easily measure and report on community health and activity progress to simplify participant management. Track participation and completion rates, automate follow-up notifications or quickly follow up manually. Identify who needs to be rewarded with out-of-the-box reports.
Analyze and report
Filter data by activity, segments or person. Review response streams, charts and data tables or drill into word clouds to quickly spot key themes. Collaborate to save and code important excerpts. Auto-create video transcripts and highlight clips. Download curated content and key information instantly with the click of a button.
Go Mobile & Global
Sleek, optimized experience for users on any mobile device with no app download required. Full support for over 20 languages for both participant and moderator. Data hosting options in USA, Canada, EU, Korea and Australia, plus private and enhanced security setup available.
Recollective's industry-leading responsive design ensures it works perfectly on any mobile, tablet or desktop device without the loss of functionality. There is no app to install and individuals can switch between devices as often as they wish while participating in a study.
So whether you work in a research or advertising agency, in-house for a brand or just need to uncover some insight for your business, Recollective makes online research a simple and rewarding experience.


283 Alexandre-Tach Blvd.
Suite F2014
Gatineau, Ontario ON J9A 1L8

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