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Contest marketing is a cost-effective way to generate publicity and notoriety for a brand or product. Our sweepstakes and contests can be built to match existing campaign designs or can be fully customized and designed based on needs. We work with brands directly, as well as offering our services to agencies across North America that are looking for niche marketing solutions.

Contest and Sweepstakes Services

Whether it’s to generate more traffic, establish a web presence, or analyze your website performance, RAVEN5 has a wide array services that cater to your marketing needs

Contests vs. Sweepstakes

When thinking about online promotions, the first thing that comes to of mind is a sweepstakes or contest. However, these terms can easily get confused with one another, especially across the borders. Learn more


North American Brands and Agencies are often looking for something special, something out of the box. RAVEN5 is a supplier of large scale, national and international programs that we build to order. Learn more


Contests are a tried and true way of building brand exposure and gaining precious eyeballs in today's attention-scarce world. However, there are so many businesses that need to work on their strategy before execution. With a proper strategy developed for your contest or sweepstakes you can ensure that it will run according to plan. Learn more


Many brands do not realize the amount of administration that goes into running a successful sweepstakes or contest. There's a lot of background work that must occur during planning, when the contest is live and in following up. We've worked with brands of all sizes and have the expertise to ensure there won't be any unpleasant surprises. Learn more


Many companies of all sizes are focused on bleeding edge, digital firsts, innovative and edgy promotions. However, it's important to note that any sweepstakes or contest must include a set of official rules that identify the material terms and conditions that govern the promotion, and various laws provide that they must meet certain requirements. Learn more


Promotional contests and sweepstakes provide a cost-effective way to generate publicity and notoriety for a brand or product line. However, there are specific requirements for operating a contest or sweepstakes in certain states and provinces when the element of chance, prizing or the sale of products or services is present. Learn more


With professional prize fulfillment services, your business has one less thing to worry about when running a contest or sweepstakes. No need to worry about arranging for pickup of the prize(s), coordiating the delivery of a vehicle or booking a trip for your contest or sweepstakes winners. Learn more


People love to participate in contests and you now have the opportunity to have your fans, customers and clients WIN BIG without spending big money yourself. Typically, an organizer needs to offer a large prize in order to attract participants. The issue/challenge occurs when the prize is won.  Learn more


Prizing is a critical step. Ensuring you have a product that is valuable to your email list and social following is a must. First you must identify your overall goal of running the contest. Then you must ensure that your prizing is something of value to the consumers. Learn more

Customized Sweepstakes Case Studies


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