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We provide a FRESH approach to online research. We've combined three decades of research experience with today's technology and forward-thinking engagement approaches. SoapBoxSample works collaboratively with clients to achieve research objectives. The ability to efficiently and effectively reach your audience is based on our capability to deploy a variety of sampling methodologies, our flexibility to meet project goals and our years of experience in research. Our team of innovative and impassioned individuals produces a pain free client experience and a high-value deliverable each and every time.

SoapBoxSample includes a diverse offering of online research services. Whether you are looking for full study design and analysis, or data collection only, our focus is online interactive research. From traditional online surveys to In Home Usage Tests (IHUTS) to technology testing or mobile research, SoapBoxSample offers a variety of solutions to meet your needs. SoapBoxSample is a leader in new techniques and approaches including Passive Metering, Geo-Fencing and App based research design.

At the heart of SoapBoxSample is our proprietary panel, MySoapBox Panel. Going beyond traditional methods, our recruitment channels include online, telephone, social media, TV, radio, word of mouth and print. MySoapBox Panel is built with the goal of not just collecting data, but also offering our members a platform to speak and be heard. We believe our commitment to being respectful and providing a positive experience is the driver behind trusting relationships and high quality data. Respect and positive experience guide our technology, operation, and strategic decisions.


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