SpencerHall, Inc.


We’re not like everyone else in how we solve your unique business challenges. Our decades of experience, incisive thinking and industry-altering tools give us the power to truly add a new perspective and deliver real value. SpencerHall can help you when you need:

Forward Looking Insights - We bring inventive research techniques to focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographies and online research, leveraging Consumer Psychology and Behavioral Economics methods.

Big Ideas - Disciplined Radical Thinking™ process enables your team to conduct digital idea sprints with a Brain Trust of radical thinkers to create a portfolio of transformative ideas.

Rejuvenated Brand Positioning - If your brand isn’t resonating with consumers, we help you find functional and emotional drivers to rebuild relevance, distinctiveness and purchase interest.

Compelling Concepts - Our concept writing skills are highly regarded by some of the top global companies, who look to us to help them truly connect with consumers in a format that exceeds their success criteria.


11321 Terwilligers Creek Drive
Ohio 45249
United States of America

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