Thriveplan: home of The 9 WHY’s

We use neuropsychology to help the world’s leading brands figure out what to make, and how to sell it.

Our approach is uniquely holistic. We are at the intersection of Research + Strategy: A research supplier that employs vetted, data-backed neuropsych research tools, coupled with a strategic // design agency that applies established constructs + business rigor. These combine to generate creative, strategic playbooks that guide thrilling, action-oriented results.

Our neuropsych approach begins with a durable foundation based on the predictive drivers of human behavior: The 9 WHY’s – the 4 Motivations that drive, and the 5 Costs that hinder behavior. Our implicit research instrument and database let us objectively ‘get under the hood’ of the WHY’s behind behavior that consumers & shoppers don’t even consciously recognize themselves. We specialize in:


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