TRC Market Research


TRC Market Research is market research and analytics company. Our expertise is in new product research, message optimization, conjoint analysis, pricing research, branding research, segmentation and targeting, and customer satisfaction. TRC has guided hundreds of clients through innovation challenges over the years and have learned from our own innovations along the way. Our market research experts are experienced and passionate, and collectively approach every assignment 'all in' - no matter the size or complexity. We know the innovation journey can feel uncertain. So let us help you make more informed decisions. Even help you uncover ideas you may not have considered. Our experience ranges across industries with practice areas that include packaged goods, financial services, healthcare, insurance, technology and telecommunications, utilities, and business-to-business. We specialize in tools and techniques such as discrete-choice conjoint, product configurator or max-diff that involve respondent-friendly and engaging trade-offs.

Affiliations: Casro, MRA


1300 Virginia Drive Suite 200
Pennsylvania 19034
United States of America

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